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  • Cathie Gregg

Aquatic Invasive Species Presentation and Training by Amy Smagula of DES

On July 21, 2018, Conway Lake Conservation Association (CLCA) will host Amy Smagula, a limnologist, and Coordinator of the Exotic Species Program at NH’s Dept of Environmental Services (DES.) She will first present a power point presentation providing a thorough overview of information and photos of the current and potential aquatic invasive species (AIS) found in NH waterbodies and neighboring states. She will follow that up with a period of instruction covering the ways and means that anyone on the water can begin to understand what to look for and how to react to those worrisome plants we might see as we patrol our lakes and ponds.

Finally, Amy will provide ample time for a Q & A. There will be tables with live specimens to review and to learn from. Please know that Amy encourages that all participants bring in any samples of aquatic plants or animals that are worrisome and you want to be identified. This will help us all see how Amy looks at the specimens and determines how to identify them.

In addition, Amy will distribute handouts (such as keys for plant identification, maps and AIS kits) that can provide comprehensive tools for each of us to take home and begin to learn how to be effective as AIS patrollers.

Our goal: Together we need to work effectively as stewards of our waterways. Ultimately we need to know how to monitor and to protect them.

Venue: The gymnasium of the Conway Recreation Department (Address:1634 E Main St, Center Conway, NH 03813)

Date: Sat. July 21, 2018

Time: 9-12pm

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