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Elaine Conners Wildcare is proud to announce the completion of our education facility, the Butler Education Center. With the construction of this new building, we are able to meet donors, host education workshops and train interns and volunteers without disturbing our patients that are in recovery in our rehab area. As we settle into our new Butler Center, we will be holding informative public programs. Stay tuned for more information about our new conference facility!

Education program, with Hunter, at the Madison Library

Education program at the Freedom Town Hall.jpg

Education program at the Butler Center

Education program at the Freedom Town Hall

Education program at Bartlett Rec Department.jpg

Education program at Bartlett Rec Department

Wildlife Rehabilitation Class  (held March 18, 2024)

Helping Injured & Orphaned Wildlife 

Elaine Conners Wildcare Center provides professional and compassionate care to local injured and orphaned wildlife in need. Although most of our animals are baby birds and small mammals, we also have worked with injured and orphaned bobcats, deer fawns, moose calves, as well as many hawks, owls and smaller falcons. A state-licensed facility in both NH and ME, the center is also federally licensed for avian species and accepts most wildlife in Carroll and Coos counties. The busiest time of the year at the Center is April through September, known as “baby season” when the young are born and hatched in our state. 

Note: Prior to the course, please review the website 


Presenter: Cathie Gregg, the Executive Director of Elaine Conners Wildcare Center in Madison, has been rehabilitating wildlife since 1986 and helped start the Center in 1991. Gregg grew up in Concord, MA, moving to North Conway, NH, in the early 1970s. She has made her home in the Mount Washington Valley for the past 52 years, working in the insurance industry for many years and as a legal secretary. She cared for wildlife on the side until making the career change to care for wild animals on a full-time basis. She is the proud mother of both a Navy veteran son and daughter-in-law. Licensed to care for wildlife in both Maine and New Hampshire, Gregg has been involved in many wildlife organizations including being a board member of Maine Wildlife Rehabilitation Association and New Hampshire Wildlife Rehabilitation Association. She is a member of the National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association and Wildlife Rehabilitation Association of MA.


This public education class was offered in March 2024 through Osher Lifelong Learning institute (OLLI) of the University of New Hampshire. Please visit their website for current information,

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